July 25, 2014

The end is near..

No this is not an omanis prediction about global warming, this is sadly me getting ready to bid a fond farewell to my Jane hancock papers line. In 2007 I got the bright idea to start my own line of paper products. I had always loved stationery and still have a huge collection of items just to cute to use. Over the years I have felt like the business has hovered closer to a hobby than the full fledge business that I wanted it to be. With my unsuccessful kickstarter in 2012 I started to loose some of my passion for the business. So I have decided to step away from this brand that I have created and focus my attention on some other more personal avenues. 

I will still continue doing custom design projects and I am not parting with any of my trusty equipment including my 1906 c&p letterpress, so if you have a fun project come up you can still email me about it. I love design and could never fully leave it behind I will always be working on something even if its just for my children or family members. 

So don't be sad for me as I am not sad, sometimes things just don't work out as we plan, it does not mean their is not something super exciting in my future. 

On September 1st I will be closing my etsy shop and so I have went through all of my inventory and listed it on the site. Most quantities are limited and once it is sold out it is gone. You can use coupon code "GoodTimes" when you check out to receive 40% off any total purchase of $5.00 or more. 


February 27, 2014

On Sabbatical see you this Summer...

Hello All, Once again several months has passed since I have updated my blog and for that I am sorry. Over the Christmas holiday I reflected back on my business where I have been and where I want to go in the future and I have decided its time to do a bit of restructuring. Over the past year we have slowly started creating more wearable creations as well as items for your home and office. So I am heading back into the office for the next few months and when I emerge their will be a brand new look and feel. 

Can't wait for the big reveal see you all this summer!!


November 15, 2013

My How Time Flies

First of all I can't believe how neglected my blog has been this year and in all honesty my business as well. I new going into 2013 that I would be taking a step back as I was working to complete my masters degree in internet marketing and that between school and my family my business would suffer. 
However I look back over the course of this year at many missed opportunities and it makes me a bit sad. I am making the declaration that 2014 is going to be my make it or break it year. What I mean by that is that I have several ideas in the works and I am currently creating a business calendar for 2014, and at the end of the year I need to have crossed of 2/3 of the goals on the list if this has not occurred Jane hancock papers will just become more of a hobby something that I still do occasionally because I can't imagine not being creative, but I will stop trying to push forward to make it a "real" business.

I think when you have a dream or a goal you can start treating it like a baby and you are afraid to put it down and leave it alone. I started Jane hancock papers in 2007 and it has been an adventure, but it has to blossom into the business that I have dreamed it will become. I am beginning to realize that sometimes hard work is not enough sometimes it just can't be done. So that is why today I make the declaration that 2014 is the year.

In January I will start back with regular post about what is going on with the business, things we are excited about it the world of design and all things pretty. I plan to do another post before the end of the year that contains some if not all our goals and hopefully we will be checking those off throughout the year. So stay tuned for more, more and more.

In the meantime we have our holiday cards for sale in our Etsy shop along with some 2014 planners and a few super cute baby onesies and little kid tee's. So check those out along with out Thanksgiving weekends Sale… All items will be 25% off from 11/28 - 11/30 so make sure to stop by and use code Turkey13 to see your savings.

January 11, 2013

Thank You

Last year I took on the task of trying my hand at a kickstarter project and while I received a ton of pledges my goal was not met so I decided to give it another shot. This time with smaller company called Boostive.com they allow you to use paypal and anything that is pledged or donated is yours even if you don't reach your goal.  Thanks to the generosity of friends and family listed below I have raised over 500.00 about 25% of my total goal of $2000.  

So far I have used the money raised to launch our line of baby onesies which feature 6 brand new critter designs. We have also done test launches of our placemats, cloth towels and tote bags. With many other exciting products still in the works. 

I'm so excited for what is to come this year we are the "little engine that could" as we slowly build up our collection. We will also be returning to our roots this year attending several art and craft shows in and around the Metro Atlanta area. Keep an eye out as we just might be in your neighborhood. Also if you have not pledge their is still plenty of time to make a donation check out the Boostive.com website for more info on the project. 

 - Rajshel

January 9, 2013

Ready.. Set.. Goal..

Its hard to believe we are already 9 days into the New Year 2013 is now in full swing.

Many people start the new year off with lofty goals and resolutions it can be hard to stick to your guns when temptation is everywhere so this year I decided to forgo personal weight loss for professional growth. Below I have listed some of my goals and would love for others to share theirs as well. It does not have to be a huge list. If nothing else use it as a way to kickstart the ideas and there is something comforting about physically crossing things off as you accomplish your task.

• Set a monthly sales goal.
• Release a new product catalog.
• Get featured on 5 blogs or websites.
• Release a minimum of 3 new products each quarter.
• Increase my wholesale accounts by 50%.

Their may be a few more added as the year goes by, but this is what I'm starting with this shows me what I need to be working on.

And to hopefully help you guys get a little more organized I am giving away two 2013 Jane hancock papers planners!! You can enter 3 different ways and each way will get your name added to the pot so you can triple your chance of winning. Drawing will be held on Wednesday January 16th so you have a week enter:

  1) Leave a comment on the blog listing your goals for 2013.
  2) Like us on Facebook and then leave a comment.
  3) Follow us on Twitter and then post this:  Want to win a 2013 planner by @jhpapers you can enter here > http://stationeryhustle.blogspot.com #jhp2013


January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

      Happy New Year Everyone!! Jane hancock papers took a bit of a break in 2012 as you can see from our break in blog post. We were a bit disappointed that our boostive.com funding plan did not go as we hoped, however we took the funding we raised so far (we are still taking pledges) and have launched some brand new items.

      Our Etsy shop is filled with our new critter designs and we are working on several more. In addition to our paper line, we now have baby onesies, wall prints and we will soon be offering wall clocks, baby bibs and blankets as well as tote bags and placemats!

      We will also be getting back to our regular weekly blog post so those will be starting back up next week. So for now I hope you all enjoyed your holiday and we look forward to a very exciting 2013!!

May 9, 2012

In Motion

When I first decided to launch a stationery company Jane hancock papers in 2006 I new right from the start that I wanted it to be more than just a hobby. I had dreams of building it up into my own little stationery empire. I remember and interview I did with HOW magazine where I proclaimed that I would take my line to the 2012 National Stationery Show in NYC. While I wont be a vendor this year I do have plans to be show my goods next year and have been working diligently to make that goal happen. The road has been bumpy there have been downfalls along the way, but I wont let that get me down.

So in an effort to raise funding for the new collection and NSS I tried my luck at a kickstarter project and while I was overjoyed at how many friends and family supported me the goal was not reached. I am not one to give up and the bad thing about KS is that you only get the funding if you reach your goal. The amount that folks had pledged would have been enough to at least get the line off the ground.

I decided to give it one more try this time I'm using a site called Boostive.com which uses PayPal for payment processing and has much lower fees. My new funding goal will allow me to create the new letterpress line & the home/gift line as well as send out awesome rewards to all those that make a donation. I know there are probably a ton of people that are asking you for your help everyday and it can be hard to say yes to one and not another. I get that times are tough but if you can make just a small donation of just $6-15 it can really add up and allow me to make my dreams come true. I hope that you will show your support. Let your friends know you made a donation and tell them they should as well.

xoxo - Rajshel

March 25, 2012

New Plan, New Site

If your reading this it means that our Kickstarter project did not reach 100%, however I have received so many encouraging words from friends and family asking me if there is a different route I can take to achieve my goals. So back to the drawing board I went and came up with another plan. The National Stationery show is a year away so if I can get this new line produced and take it around to different artist markets, craft show and online stores like Etsy so I can raise money to attend the show by 2013

So I reach out to all the backers and ask you one more time for your support. I have set up an account on Boostive my hope is that everyone will transfer their pledges to this new site. You will be able to select from the same rewards that are offered now and anyone who has won a prize and transfers there pledge will still recive it as well. And the posters will still be produced for all of you guys that uped your bid the additional $10 or $15.

Many of you will like Boostive since you can use PayPal at check out. Also please note that the money will come out of your account immediately as Boostive does not have the same all or nothing funding policy. Pledges will come through immediately! Many designs are ready so production will start in the next few months (I can't wait!). Again thank you all in advance for your support & putting up with me through all of this. I know this endeavor is meant to be successful it just may not happen the exact way I had planned.

xoxo - Rajshel