March 25, 2012

New Plan, New Site

If your reading this it means that our Kickstarter project did not reach 100%, however I have received so many encouraging words from friends and family asking me if there is a different route I can take to achieve my goals. So back to the drawing board I went and came up with another plan. The National Stationery show is a year away so if I can get this new line produced and take it around to different artist markets, craft show and online stores like Etsy so I can raise money to attend the show by 2013

So I reach out to all the backers and ask you one more time for your support. I have set up an account on Boostive my hope is that everyone will transfer their pledges to this new site. You will be able to select from the same rewards that are offered now and anyone who has won a prize and transfers there pledge will still recive it as well. And the posters will still be produced for all of you guys that uped your bid the additional $10 or $15.

Many of you will like Boostive since you can use PayPal at check out. Also please note that the money will come out of your account immediately as Boostive does not have the same all or nothing funding policy. Pledges will come through immediately! Many designs are ready so production will start in the next few months (I can't wait!). Again thank you all in advance for your support & putting up with me through all of this. I know this endeavor is meant to be successful it just may not happen the exact way I had planned.

xoxo - Rajshel


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