January 9, 2013

Ready.. Set.. Goal..

Its hard to believe we are already 9 days into the New Year 2013 is now in full swing.

Many people start the new year off with lofty goals and resolutions it can be hard to stick to your guns when temptation is everywhere so this year I decided to forgo personal weight loss for professional growth. Below I have listed some of my goals and would love for others to share theirs as well. It does not have to be a huge list. If nothing else use it as a way to kickstart the ideas and there is something comforting about physically crossing things off as you accomplish your task.

• Set a monthly sales goal.
• Release a new product catalog.
• Get featured on 5 blogs or websites.
• Release a minimum of 3 new products each quarter.
• Increase my wholesale accounts by 50%.

Their may be a few more added as the year goes by, but this is what I'm starting with this shows me what I need to be working on.

And to hopefully help you guys get a little more organized I am giving away two 2013 Jane hancock papers planners!! You can enter 3 different ways and each way will get your name added to the pot so you can triple your chance of winning. Drawing will be held on Wednesday January 16th so you have a week enter:

  1) Leave a comment on the blog listing your goals for 2013.
  2) Like us on Facebook and then leave a comment.
  3) Follow us on Twitter and then post this:  Want to win a 2013 planner by @jhpapers you can enter here > http://stationeryhustle.blogspot.com #jhp2013



kommunicate said...

Gorgeous planners!

This year I need/want to:
- take my Bahasa Indonesia to the next level
- plan an overseas holiday for next Christmas
- visit my parents at least four times this year (waaaaay north of me)
- lose three kilos and maintain for the rest of the year
- start a new Circus class
- learn how to properly create my own font
- do a photography course

Of course, becoming a better designer is always on my list!

Rajshel Juhan said...

Awesome Goals!!

Marianna said...

My goals for this year are just to keep my head afloat! I am beginning graduate school full time while also working full time and dealing with two rowdy teen/pre-teen boys! Wish me luck! :)
mannasweeps (at) gmail DOT com

Celine Hedlund said...
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Paper Shredder said...

Hi Rajshel, Are you still giving away these planners?